Heat Up Your Golf Game

After the Masters, you may be inspired to step up your golf game. If you want to play a tee-rific round, warming up is necessary. A good, dynamic warm up helps your mobility and stability while activating your muscles.

Women's Heated Down Vest

Get into the swing of things by preparing your body to make the powerful and complex movements needed to have a good round of golf. ORORO Heated Apparel isn’t just good for the winter season, it also comes in handy while you’re out on the course.

No matter what climate you’re used to, golfing while feeling cold can really put a damper on your game.

“Although I'm Canadian, I get cold very fast and some days it can be hard to motivate myself to get out and practice when temperatures are close to freezing,” said LPGA Tour qualifier, Megan O. “With ORORO heated apparel, I'll be able to practice and play more during those cold winter months at home which will help me improve even more during my off season.”

If you’re heading to the course early in the morning, the Men’s Heated Golf Vest is the perfect thing to put on.

Men's Heated Golf Vest

“The heated golf vest is just what I needed to keep me warm during early morning golfing,” said William I. “It's lightweight with removable sleeves that I can take off during the round.”

It’s the first heated golf vest jacket with zip-off sleeves on the market. Weather can be unpredictable and we know tournaments are rain or shine events. No worries, this heated golf vest is made with FELLEX® insulation, a water and wind resistant material.

The versatility of the sleeves makes it easy to customize your experience as the day goes on.

Men's Heated Golf Vest

“I took the sleeves off since it’s easier to swing clubs,” said Rick D. “I wear a vest for the first few holes, turn heaters off and put the battery away most of the time. It really helps my ability to loosen up in cold or windy weather.”

Our Women’s Classic Heated Vest is also a favorite.

“It keeps me warm on chilly days on the course — sometimes it’s hard to swing if you are wearing too many layers so this is very helpful,” said Emilee Hoffman, ORORO Golf Ambassador.

This vest provides up to 10 hours of warmth and comes in different colors: green, red, white, and gray.

Classic Heated Vest in Different Color

“I purchased this vest after seeing an early morning golfer wearing it,” said Cheryl M. “I love the three heat levels with neck and pocket heat — I wore it golfing at 45 degrees and my back was ‘toasty warm’ too.”

We love helping you improve your game. Warm up (literally) on the course in style with ORORO. May the ‘fores’ be with you.

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