How Heated Apparel Can Provide Comfort for Those Living with Chronic Pain

If you’re living with chronic pain, you’re not alone. According to 2019 data from the Centers for Disease Control, 20.4% of adults had chronic pain and 7.4% of those people reported high-impact pain which limited their life or work activities.

While this diagnosis and experience isn’t abnormal, there are ways to ease the frequent feelings of pain. Oftentimes low temperatures can be triggering for pain, making the winter a particularly tough time for those living with chronic pain. You deserve to live comfortably, and here at ORORO, we aim to provide you with on-demand heat for a warming, comforting experience. Here’s how heated apparel can help.

How does heat help?

Heat acts as a natural pain reliever. By applying heat to painful areas, it improves circulation and blood flow which can reduce inflammation and stiffness while soothing discomfort. Common ways of using heat as pain relief include:

  • Topicals (gels or creams)
  • Heated pads, blankets or wraps
  • Hot baths or showers
  • Saunas
  • Physical therapy-based heat

heated cushion

While these methods are helpful, they’re not the most convenient. Topicals have to be reapplied, heated pads (check out our heated cushion) and blankets often need to be plugged in and aren’t helpful while you’re on the go, hot baths and showers can only be done at the beginning or end of the day, and physical therapy methods like ultrasound require an appointment. 

How heated apparel provides a different experience

With heated apparel, you can continue with your daily life, while treating your pain. The convenience of being able to carry on as normal and in comfort is something that chronic pain sufferers strive for.

Our products are not just for the outdoors, we aim to ensure warmth and comfortability when any of our products are in use.

ORORO provides clothing with battery-powered carbon heat to keep you warm on the go. The batteries are rechargeable and you can choose from three different settings to customize your experience by choosing the level of heat that is the most comfortable.

Product recommendations

Our products have been recommended online for people with chronic pain. Here are a few recommendations from us that will help.

"Bay City" Heated Hand Warmer 

"Bay City" Heated Hand Warmer

By keeping your hands warm, you can help retain heat throughout the rest of your body. The “Bay City” Heated Hand Warmer works to distribute heat from the front to the back of the hand warmer to stay warm all day.

Users can enjoy up to 14 hours (5 hours on high, 9 hours on medium, 14 hours on low heating setting) of all-day warmth thanks to this wearable technology, which is way longer than the five-eight hours you get with standard hand warmers. The three pieces of durable carbon fiber heat create all-around warmth while the premium insulation works to retain it. The hand warmer features flexible ribbed cuffs and super soft fleece lining to really enhance the comforting experience. It even features utility zipper pockets for convenient storage.

The hand warmer is wind and water resistant so it’s perfect for bearing the cold weather. 

“Calgary” Heated Gloves 

“Calgary” Heated Gloves

If you want to keep your hands warm while doing yardwork or still making use of your hands, our “Calgary” Heated Gloves are a great choice.

These durable gloves are ready to withstand the cold and provide you with much-needed warmth. Each finger of the gloves is wrapped with a special compost coating heating element which allows for heat to be distributed evenly while maximizing the density of the heating area. So you can get your work done or spend time outside without the pain of frozen fingers.

The gloves feature premium insulation thanks to the 3M Thinsulate Insulation technology. This works to trap generated heat while allowing moisture to escape, so you can stay warm without worrying about sweaty palms.

The gloves provide dexterity, durability and even have touch-screen compatible thumb and index fingers so you can still use your phone with ease while wearing the gloves. Bonus: The wrist is adjustable so you can tighten or loosen the gloves to customize the fit.

Classic Heated Vest

Classic Heated Vest

The Classic Heated Vest (also available in women’s) is the perfect additional layer to give you some extra warmth and comfort.

The lightweight heated vest offers enhanced warmth and breathability thanks to FELLEX® insulation (a BlueSign® certified eco-friendly sustainable material for even better insulation). It offers up to 10 hours of customizable and comfortable warmth — a single battery charge provides 3 hours on high, 6 hours on medium and 10 hours on the low heating settings.

Unisex Heated Scarf

unisex heated scarf

Scarves are the perfect wintertime accessory and our heated unisex scarf is sure to add even more warmth to your winter layers. The wind and water resistant scarf is made with a breathable lining and anti-static fabric. It heats in just three seconds to provide you with long lasting heat (9 working hours: 4 hours on high, 6 hours on medium, 9 hours on low heating setting).

The scarf has a large heating area, making it perfect for keeping your neck, shoulders and upper back warm so you can ease any pain or stiffness in those areas. Like the Calgary” Heated Gloves we mentioned earlier, the scarf also features 3M Thinsulate Insulation technology to perfectly trap the heat generated while allowing vapor to escape to keep you toasty warm.

For those living with chronic pain, we hope our products can provide you with the warmth and comfort you deserve. If you have a friend or family member dealing with chronic pain, consider these products as gifts to help relieve some pain and tension they may be experiencing.

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