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Spring is that time of the year when we get to refresh and renew ourselves. It’s a moment to get rid of what we don’t need, so that we can open up space for the new.

As much as we may love the smell of soil on our heated vest or heated fleece jacket (as it  may remind us of our most amazing adventures), the truth is that our heated clothes need to be washed every now and then. Let’s Spring Clean them, make them look nice and smell fresh!  Let's get rid of the dirt and get ready to welcome future adventures.

To wash and maintain your ORORO just follow these simple steps:

1. Remove the battery.
Don’t forget that your battery can’t be submerged in water!

Remove the battery

2. Close the zipper pocket.
Put the connector cable inside the pocket and close it.

Close the zipper pocket

3. Use a mesh bag. 
For best care, place your heated clothing inside a mesh laundry bag.  Heated clothes are delicate and must be handled with care.

 Use a mesh bag

4. Wash in the washing machine.
Use your washing machine on the cold and gentle cycle. No dry cleaning. No bleach. 

 Wash in the washing machine

5. Dry your heated clothes. 
Line dry or lay flat, and make sure not to wring or twist. Do not tumble dry.

 Dry your heated clothes

6. Wear them again or store them!

If it’s still chilly where you live, you're ready to wear your clean heated apparel. Stuck inside? Many people use their heated clothes at home to watch TV or simply hang around the house.

And if the weather is getting warm, you can place it inside the nice ORORO bag where it came packed. For extra-protection, you can store it inside a sealed storage box to prevent moisture from reaching your favorite heated gear.

Always cold? If you're intolerant to cold air from air conditioners like me, you may also decide to wear your heated vest during the warm season. Some of us are simply can't function with low temps. 

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