Raynaud’s Solutions: Heated Apparel for Cold Hands
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Imagine this: one winter morning you wake up feeling a bit different than usual. Your hands are freezing and feel extremely painful. They do tend to get cold sometimes, but this time something feels odd. You stare at them for a while and find that parts of your fingers have suddenly turned white and numb. You worry a bit. After a while they turn blue, and then red. You’re concerned.

At first you think that this is something temporary, but for some weeks it happens over and over again. And as winter days get cooler, being outdoors gets so painful that you start losing joy in activities that you once used to love. The diagnosis: Raynaud’s disease. 

What is Raynaud’s disease?

As described by Medline Plus, Raynaud's disease is a rare disorder of the blood vessels, usually in the fingers and toes. It causes the blood vessels to narrow when you are cold or feeling stressed. When this happens, blood can't get to the surface of the skin and the affected areas turn white and blue. When the blood flow returns, the skin turns red and throbs or tingles. In severe cases, loss of blood flow can cause sores or tissue death.”

Who does it affect? 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “recent surveys show that Raynaud's phenomenon may affect 3 to 5 percent of the general population in the United States”. This phenomenon seems to be more present amongst women than men, and also more common in locations with a colder climate.

Raynaud’s and its solutions

Raynauds numb finger

If you’ve been diagnosed with Raynaud’s disease, you’ve probably tried all kinds of things to cope with the flare-ups. In the list of solutions, there may be hot water bags, massages, magnesium, popsicle holder bags, or even using mustard or pickle juice to relieve the cramps. The pain is so awful, you’d do anything to make it go away. 

But what if you could prevent the flare-ups from showing up? That would mean not having to deal with the cramps in the first place. 

How ORORO’s Heated Apparel for hands can help with Raynaud’s

If you want to recover the joy of doing outdoor activities during winter, we’re here to help. We may not change the diagnosis, but our Heated Apparel has helped some of our customers stop the symptoms before they start. 

ORORO has different products that can help you keep your hands warm, improve your blood circulation, and allow you to spend more time outdoors. These include: Heated Gloves, Heated Mittens, and Heated Hand Warmers

Not sure which is right for you? Check out these reviews from some of our happy customers that used to struggle with Raynaud's symptoms!

3-in-1 Heated Gloves

3-in-1 heated gloves

“The gloves for the most part prevent Raynaud’s symptoms from starting and that is the key. Ski gloves or any other unheated gloves let just enough cold in to trigger my symptoms. It was great to finally find an article of clothing that actually brings back some of the enjoyment of outdoor winter activities for me.” Jonathan P.

Shop 3-in-1 Heated Gloves

Unisex Heated Mittens

Amsterdam Heated Mittens

“My Dr. suggested these mittens, as she knows my challenges with Raynaud's - white, numb fingers, sometimes at 60º! I just received these as a gift, and I was out yesterday and today during our first COLD weather in midcoast Maine. 20º yesterday, 15º this morning. I was amazed that my hands endured for a good hour. Usually I'd be in terrible pain within 10-20 minutes; I arrived home after an hour - hands slightly cool, but not cold and NO white, numb fingers! Mittens were on M, then Low heat. As a photographer with a love for winter scenes, these are what I've been seeking for years. I can even manipulate some camera controls with the mittens on (...) Thanks, Ororo for what so far is a great product!” Wayne G.

“Wish I would have purchased these years ago! I love being outdoors in the colder months. I have Raynaud's and these mittens have opened up my ability to enjoy the outdoors for a much longer time.” Kathy H. 

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Calgary Heated Gloves

Calgary Heated Gloves

I bought the gloves for my wife who has Raynaud’s disease. This disease constricts blood vessels of the extremities, reduces blood flow and chills those extremities. Since there is no cure for this disease I tried to find something to give her hands some comfort. The gloves keep her hands warm even on a long winter walk.” Michael J. 

“I have Raynaud’s so my fingertips get discolored, numb, and painful in the cold and they haven’t so far in these gloves. I needed something that was flexible and not bulky as I use them for horseback riding and needed to feel the reins(...) Hopefully they’ll last through the wear and tear because if they do I will keep repurchasing these!” Anne G. 

Shop Calgary Heated Gloves

Bay City Heated Hand Warmer

ORORO heated hand warmer

“Having Raynaud's disease my hands can get extremely cold to the point of being painful. The NEW Heated Hand Warmer muff has been a huge help in keeping my hands warm and pain free. It is easy to slide your hands in and out when you need to use your fingers.” Lois D.

Shop Bay City Heated Hand Warmer

If you’re still not sure which is the right one for you, send us an email to support@ororowear.com. Our support team will be happy to help you make the best decision! Together we can Challenge the Climate!

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