Who Gets What? Heated Birthday Gifts for Different Personalities

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect birthday gifts for the special people in our lives but we’ve cracked the code — the perfect present for any and everyone is heated apparel. Here’s some help picking gifts for different personality types.

The Bold Type

The friend who is always standing out from the crowd. They love to make a fashion statement, try out new looks, and just march to the beat of their own drum.


Unisex Heated Scarf

Nothing makes a fashion statement like accessories and what’s the cherry on top of a cold-weather outfit? A scarf. Our heated, ultra-soft scarf comes in two colors (pink and gray) so you can pick the one that fits their personality the best. It’s got a large heating area, water and wind resistant shell, and a sleek hidden battery pocket. Did we mention that it comes in pink?

A guaranteed great gift according to a reviewer on our website:

“I purchased it for my wife, who always seems to be cold. She absolutely loves the soft, comfortable, HEATED feel!”


Women's Heated Fleece Vest

Let them stand out and stay warm in this purple fleece vest. This stylish and vibrant purple color makes a statement. Aside from the color, the cozy fleece material and three heating settings will keep them warm while running errands, doing yard work, or tailgating with friends.

“Perfect slim fit warm down women's vest. Warm and soft. Can layer under or over,” said a wearer on our site.


men heated hooded jacket

This stunning blue color is definitely eye-catching but it doesn’t stop there — this bold jacket gives the gift of warmth in many ways. From the three heating zones, to the rib-knit storm cuffs and adjustable drawstring to keep out the wind and seal in the warmth. This jacket is cozy and fashion-forward down to the details.

The Outgoing Adventurer

This friend is usually on-the-go and hardly ever turns down an invite for a new adventure. Sometimes those adventures take them outdoors into the elements, so heated apparel is right up their alley.


Lightweight Heated Windbreaker Pullover Hoodie

Who knows where their adventure will take them? What we do know is this lightweight heated windbreaker is easy to take along for the ride. This windbreaker weighs in at only 15 ounces, so when we say lightweight, we really mean it. The wind resistant shell, heated elements, and unique quilted design will keep in the heat for up to 10 hours. Perfect for when they’re going camping, hiking, or a chilly beach trip.


Women's Classic Heated Jacket

Not only is this jacket stylish, it’s reliable. While the weather may be unpredictable, keep them ready for the next trip with this water and wind resistant jacket. The detachable hood is also perfect for a rainy day. This quick-heating jacket is the perfect gift for your adventurous friend. A plus? It’s available in a variety of colors so you have options!


"Twin Cities" 3-In-1 Heated Gloves

The must-have accessory for any adventurer? A nice, sturdy pair of warm gloves. Our three-in-one gloves are just the thing for that. They have the option to wear the inner fleece liner alone (which has the heated element), the water-resistant outer glove by itself for more protection, or both pieces together for the ultimate heated comfort.

The Reserved One

Very chill, very laid back, but adds the perfect balance to the friend group. They’re so calm, cool, and collected — sometimes they’re hard to read. Keep them warm while making sure they maintain the lowkey look.


Unisex Heated Fleece Hoodie

A zipper option! This lightweight hoodie packs in the warmth with its fleece lining. Go from cozy to toasty with the simple press of a button to choose from three heating settings. Our favorite piece for fall activities and just lounging around at home. You’re sure to win “best gift” with this one.

The Parent of the Group

Whether they actually have a kid or just always looking after everyone, the parent of the group always has your back. So have theirs by helping them stay prepared and equipped for any and all circumstances.


Women's Thermolite® Heated Parka

What does the mom of the group need? Convenient pockets to keep up with all of her stuff (and everyone else’s). This stylish parka has plenty of storage with large pockets while being sleek, fashionable, and heated. The adjustable drawstring will allow her to customize to the fit she wants and the detachable fur lining on the hood is a great touch.


Men Heated Hunting Jacket

Again, pockets! Whether he’s a hunter or not this stylish jacket has plenty of storage with multiple pockets and loop holders. The water resistant fabric and heated collar are also added bonuses.

The Picky Friend

What on earth do they want? It can be difficult shopping for a picky friend, in this case the best bet is to keep it simple and practical.


unisex heated cushion

Now this is a gift! A heated seat cushion is a must-have item that most people wouldn’t think to get themselves — that’s where you come in. Our cushion has six heated zones, with memory foam that molds to your shape, non-slip dots on the bottom to keep it secure and is easy to carry. From the office to an outdoor sporting event, they’ll be sure to stay warm.


Heated Socks

Not just any ol’ socks, heated socks. Give them the gift of warmth and variety with the two-pack of our heated socks. Cold feet will be a thing of the past for them.

“I bought these for my husband who always had cold feet, but not now. He loves them,” said a reviewer.

Buying presents for birthdays can bring on the stress but not anymore. With this list, you’re sure to find the perfect gift. Let us know how they like them! Feel free to leave a review on our site and tag us  @ororo.wear on Instagram for a chance to be featured.

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