Men's Heated Hunting Vest - Camouflage, Mossy Oak Country DNA
ORORO's first heated hunting vest with neck warmer. Water & wind-resistant shell enables you to stay warm and dry against severe elements outdoor during hours of hunting. 3 Different heating levels allow you to adjust the warmth with a simple...
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  • Camo
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"Bay City" Heated Hand Warmer - Camouflage, Mossy Oak Pattern
Keep your hands warm on the go with the NEW heated hand warmer with camouflage pattern of Mossy Oak®. 3 carbon fiber heating elements distribute heat from the front to the back of the heated hand warmer for maximum warmth....
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“Bay City” Heated Hand Warmer - Yellow
All-Around heated hand muff for Cold Hands. 3 pieces of durable and safe carbon fiber heating element create the largest heating area to provide the maximum warmth covering the front and backside of your hands.
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