Embrace The Great Canadian Outdoors

While many Canadians gather with family for a traditional feast, others choose to spend their holiday hiking amidst nature's beauty. As the crisp autumn air sweeps across Canada and the leaves turn vibrant shades of red and gold, Thanksgiving weekend presents the perfect opportunity to explore the stunning Canadian wilderness. What better way to express gratitude for the beauty of Canada’s natural landscape than by exploring them firsthand during a holiday centered around thankfulness?

fall maples

However, the weather in the fall can be unpredictable, with temperatures fluctuating throughout the day. Here are some tips to ensure you stay cozy and comfortable:

  1. Layer up: Start with a moisture-wicking base layer to keep sweat away from your skin, add a thermal insulating layer like a fleece or a heated vest, such as an ORORO Heated Fleece Jacket and Heated Quilted Vest. Finish with a wind-resistant and waterproof outer layer.
  2. Stay Dry: Moisture-wicking clothing helps keep sweat away from your skin, preventing you from feeling chilled due to dampness. Wear waterproof outer layers to protect against rain like ORORO Heated Windbreaker.
  3. Focus on Core Warmth: Keep your core warm with an ORORO heated jacket or vest. When your core is warm, your body is better equipped to circulate heat to your extremities.
  4. Use Insulated Accessories: Opt for a warm hat or beanie to prevent heat loss through your head. Neck gaiters or scarves can help keep your neck and face warm.

Staying Warm yet Stylish with ORORO Heated Apparel

To ensure you stay warm and comfortable during your Thanksgiving weekend hiking adventure, consider investing in ORORO heated apparel might be a good choice. Here are some recommendations for your stylish fall hiking looks.

  • ORORO Women’s Heated Windbreaker - Dark Yellow
  • Talking about fall, how could it be without a yellow color look? ORORO  Women’s Heated Windbreaker features a waterproof shell providing outstanding protection from snow and moderate rain while maintaining ultimate breathability. Durable and safe carbon fiber heating elements offer instant and up to 10 hours of heat that you seldom find on other softshell jackets. Ultra-thin and lightweight classic softshell construction makes it easier to be worn as a layer or outwear. The softshell jacket can be folded into a bottle size, making it the perfect go-to jacket for a Thanksgiving hike.

    Heated Windbreaker
  • ORORO Dual Control Heated Jacket
  • When you’re surrounded by the beauty of fall foliage, staying warm and comfortable enhances the hiking experience. The ORORO Dual Control Heated Jacket with 5 heating zones offers the ideal blend of style and functionality, ensuring you not only look great but also remain toasty and cozy during your outdoor adventures. Equipped with advanced technology, this dual-control heated jacket has 2 separate heating systems. The core body heating system heats up the upper back, left & right chest, while the arm heating system fulfills one of the most demanded features, heating on both arms! 

    5 heating zones & dual control system

    With up to 20 hours of runtime for arm-only heating, up to 10 hours for core-only heating, and up to 7.5 hours with all five heating zones activated, the outstanding performance of the Daul Control Jacket (available for both men and women) can make your hike toasty all day long.

    Dual Control & 5 Heating Zones Jacket

  • ORORO Men’s Classic Heated Vest - Persimmon & Olive Green
  • Enhanced fillings with FELLEX® to provide exceptional warmth & breathability, this Classic Heated Vest keeps you comfortably warm and stylish on those chilly fall hikes. With lightweight insulation, the classic vest allows you to wear it in many ways with unrestricted movement. Three adjustable heat settings allow you to find your perfect level of warmth during the whole journey leaving the annoying temperature fluctuation away.

    heated vest

    Hiking during Canadian Thanksgiving weekend is a wonderful way to celebrate the season’s beauty and express gratitude for the natural wonders surrounding us. With ORORO heated apparel, you can stay toasty and stylish while immersing yourself in the great Canadian outdoors. Lace up your hiking boots, bundle up in ORORO heated gear, and embark on an unforgettable fall adventure this Thanksgiving.

    Ultimately, no matter how, when, or where you celebrate it: happy thanksgiving!

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