Seasonal Storage Guide for Your ORORO Heated Apparel

As the winter chill fades and we welcome the warmth of spring, it's time to consider how best to store your ORORO heated apparel. With proper care, you can ensure that your heated jackets, vests, and gloves are ready to serve you well in the coming seasons. This guide provides a balanced approach to cleaning, storing, and maintaining your ORORO gear, keeping it in prime condition for when you need it next.

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Step-by-Step Care and Storage

1. Cleaning Your Gear:

Before storing, it’s crucial to clean your ORORO apparel correctly. Gently wash your heated clothing following our detailed Wash Guide to remove any dirt or odors. Ensuring your gear is clean before storage not only prolongs its life but also means it’s ready to wear at a moment's notice.

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2. Battery Maintenance:

Before packing away your ORORO gear, remove the battery, ensuring it's partially charged for optimal longevity. Store it in a cool, dry spot, as recommended in our Battery Guide. Notably, ORORO’s battery isn’t just for heating; it can also act as a power bank for your devices. Keeping it maintained means you're always prepared for both warmth and phone charging, essential for outdoor adventures.


3. Proper Storage Techniques:

  • Keep It Dry: Select a storage spot away from moisture to prevent any damage to the electrical parts. A dry, cool environment is ideal.
  • Avoid Compression: To prevent potential damage to the heating elements or wires, opt for hanging your garments or laying them flat in a drawer. Folding is acceptable, but avoid  squeezing the items tightly to maintain their shape and integrity.
  • Accessibility: If you live in an area with unpredictable weather or plan to travel to cooler climates, consider keeping one piece of heated apparel readily accessible. This ensures you’re prepared for any unexpected cold snaps.

Preparing for Unexpected Chills or Travel

Spring and summer can still have their share of chilly days, and adventures in cooler locales might be on the horizon. Keeping your ORORO gear in an easy-to-reach location allows you to face unexpected cold weather comfortably. Additionally, periodically check the charge of your battery throughout the off-season to ensure it’s ready to go when needed.

  • Seasonal Transition: As we move from season to season, take a moment to inspect your gear. Ensure that the heating elements are functioning correctly and that the battery charges as expected.
  • Quick Checks Before Use: Before you head out into the cold, a quick check of your ORORO gear will ensure everything is working perfectly, providing you with the warmth and comfort ORORO is known for.

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By adopting these care and storage practices, you’re not just preserving your ORORO heated apparel; you’re ensuring that it will continue to enhance your outdoor experiences, no matter the temperature.

For further information and tips, always refer to your product’s User Manual, and feel free to reach out to our support team at with any questions.  Keep warm and carry on with ORORO, your trusted companion against the cold.

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