Hello, Comfort and Fit! The Unisex Adjustable Vest is Here
adjustable flexible vest

We’re so excited to announce our newest item: the unisex adjustable vest! We’ve been wanting to create an item everyone can enjoy, and we’re thrilled it’s finally here. Hopefully you’re excited too, because this vest can be worn by you, your friends, your spouse, and anyone else!

This vest is the slimmest fit yet. It fits seamlessly under clothes and jackets, there’s no restriction when it comes to movement, and it’s super flexible! It’s perfect for wearing around chilly offices, parties, at home, and pretty much everywhere else it’s cold! This vest is perfect for layering, so you’ll always look stylish.

This Vest is Best For…

Everyone! The vest is perfect for everybody, well, because, it’s unisex! But there’s more to it than that. This vest is perfect for everybody because it’s made for everyone, i.e., you can share it with relatives, friends, and every other important person in your life! While everyone should definitely have their own heated vest, this vest makes it easy to share with others. Spread the warmth with the unisex vest!

adjustable heated vest

This vest is also best for those who live, work, or vacation in cold temperatures. With 3 heating settings, you can adjust the vest to match your preferred temperature with just the push of a button! Depending on which setting you have it on, your vest can last up to 11 hours of warmth. Whether you’re shoveling snow, playing in snow, strolling through the park with your dog, fishing, hunting, or doing a myriad of other things, this vest will keep you toasty warm!

Favorite Features

This vest has some pretty snazzy features we know you’ll love, but the favorite feature of the vest is definitely the fully adjustable fit. The Velcro and elastic waistband make it easy to size and resize the vest to fit you, your family, or your friends. Whether you’ve had a big holiday meal or are hitting the gym regularly, this vest will fit you no matter what shape you’re in. It’s nice to have clothes that are guaranteed to fit!

The universal USB charging port is another one of the great features of the unisex heated vest because it makes charging so convenient. It’s compatible with most power banks on the market! The charge on this vest lasts 5 hours on high, 8 hours on medium, and 11 hours on low, so you’ll be toasty almost all day long! The heating elements are located at the core of your back, which means you get more coverage when it comes to warmth. Plus, no one will know you’re wearing the vest because it fits so smoothly under clothes!

In fact, you don’t need to worry about taking off any layers to adjust the heat on this vest because the discreet power button is strategically placed on an extended strip at the bottom of the vest. All you have to do is reach down and click a button! This adds an extra element of convenience, because when you’re cold, you want to keep layers on, not take them off. The extended strip ensures that you can maintain that cozy feeling.

The icing on the cake for this vest? It’s super flexible and versatile! Your movements won’t be restricted and you won’t feel stiff. You can bend, twist, and move however you want without irritation. This lightweight vest won’t hold you back. 

We can’t wait for you to share this new vest with your friends and family! If you post pictures to social media, tag us so we can hear about your next adventure!

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