ORORO Heated Apparel is the Perfect Gift This Holiday Season

…and we’ll tell you why.

The holidays are the best time of year to spend with family and friends, filling up on their love and comfort. Your heart is full of joy, your hands are busy helping, and your life feels just perfect. ORORO's heated apparel brings an extra layer of magic to the season. It's not just about staying warm; it's about embracing the holidays with a sense of luxury and convenience that a regular coat or pair of gloves can't provide. 

ORORO's innovative technology ensures you and your loved ones stay toasty even in the coldest winter moments, allowing them to enjoy every festive gathering without the bulk and hassle of extra layers. It's the gift of warmth, both in the physical sense and in the warm smiles it brings to your loved ones' faces.

This holiday season, we can help you get the perfect heated clothing for the person you love, whether they’re a construction worker, working from home or a stay-at-home mom. Check out this guide to help you with gift-giving this year.

Heated Clothing Gift Ideas for…

Being Outside All Day

If you have family or friends that spend time shoveling driveways, working construction outdoors or in nature, or prefers to hike/camp in the winter, we have something for you to give them.

  • Heated Pants - These water-resistant, 4-way stretch pants will be a dream come true for anyone that has to work in the cold. Give them the gift of 10 hours of warmness in the freezing cold.

Heated Pants

Heated Jackets

  • Heated Gloves - Add these for the folks who have to work outdoors in the cold, especially the durable Calgary gloves. Each heating element is strategically placed to keep the hands warm, but still flexible.

Heated Gloves

Grandparents, Older Neighbors and Friends

We love our elderly community, they’ve provided so much wisdom to our families. Keep them cozy during cold winter days with heated clothing. 

  • Heated Mittens - Help grandma keep her hands warm with our fan-favorite mittens, in varying colors and styles. For your fancy mother-in-law, these gorgeous goat-skin leather mittens are a treat. 

Heated Mittens

  • Heated Vests - Our line-up of heated vests is unmatched. In varying colors, fabrics and weight, our heated vest collection will keep older folks warm. The Heated Fleece collection will particularly delight your next-door neighbor who is always freezing!

Heated Vests

  • Heated Seat Cushion - This is a great gift for supportive parents, grandparents and great-grandparents who want to root for their loved ones at football or hockey games, while staying comfortable.

Heated Seat Cushion

Athletes or Sports Enthusiasts 

If you know a runner, golfer, skier, snowboarder, fisherman, or any athlete that refuses to let the cold get in the way of their adrenaline, we’ve got you covered with gifts.

  • Heated Golf Collection - Give them the power of unrestricted motion with our vast and comfy golf collection. Golfers love the ability to adjust the heat as the temperature changes throughout the day.
    • Our Men’s Golf Jacket is a fantastic gift because the sleeves can be unzipped and taken off as it warms up on the golf course.

Heated Golf Collection

  • Heated Hoodies - A classic gift that will keep the long-distance runner in your life cozy. We have full-zip and pull-over hoodie options. 


  • Heated Winter Sports Collection - You can find a gift here for any of your beloved athletes, whether it's your skiing niece, your snowboarding nephew, or your hockey-playing son.

Heated Winter Sports Collection

Your First Holiday Together

If you’ve recently fallen in love or this is your first holiday together, congratulations! We can help ease your gift-buying worries, so you can provide your love with the gift of warmth.

  • Heated Down Collection - Your wife is always shivering at the games she goes to for you, so why not get her something super comfy and warm? These heated jackets and vests are filled with Responsible Down Standard (RDS) down and feathers that enhance the heated elements to combat frigid temperatures. 

Heated Down Collection

  • Choose between regular and lightweight options. Lightweight down vests have less down filling, but with the same fill power and regular fit.
  • Heated Hunting Collection - Your husband is big on hunting, but is always complaining about how cold he is. Get him something cozy but practical from our hunting collection. Our heated hand warmer is guaranteed to keep his hands toasty, while he’s on the hunt.

Heated Hunting Collection

Frequent Flyers and Travellers 

A ton of folks are going to be traveling this holiday season, but this is about the person in your life who is ALWAYS on the go! Help them be a little more comfortable, whether they’re on a road trip, on a plane, train or on a boat. 

Heated Scarves

  • Heated Quilted Vest - A great gift is a nice layering piece like the Heated Quilted Vest collection. A lightweight option that won’t restrict movement in a small space like an airplane or subway.

Heated Quilted Vest

College/Grad Students

Put a smile on that stressed student’s face with some gifts that’ll keep them warm while they walk in frigid temperatures from class to class.

  • Heated Recycled Fleece - Gen Z students are at the forefront of climate change awareness and leading sustainable lives. Our recycled fleece vest is a great match for their lifestyle! Crafted with REPREVE® 100% recycled yarn, this vest keeps the heat close to the core for those cold walks to the library.

Heated Recycled Fleece

  • Heated Mittens - The best tool to keep a student’s hands warm while they commute to class. Our Flip-Top Mittens are great for someone ALWAYS on their phone texting. Our yellow mittens are a great way to show off school spirit, while staying warm!

Heated Mittens

Stocking Stuffers

Planning to have the whole family over and don’t want to worry about gifts for everyone? We’ve compiled a list of stocking stuffers to delight the entire family with.

  • Extra batteries/chargers - If you’re a part of one of our many ORORO families, then a few extra batteries and chargers will be perfect for them!

Extra batteries

  • Canvas Tote Bag - A durable bag for shopping, eating in between classes, road trips and more.
  • ORORO Beanie - Cute beanie for a TikTok teen!
  • Heated Cushion - A small gift that’ll go a long way with your mom or grandma.

Heated Cushion

  • Heated Scarves (many colors!) - Get a different color for each member of the family. 

Heated Scarves

It’s getting colder outside, keep your loved ones snug and toasty with the gift of warmth provided by ORORO Heated Apparel. We’ve expanded over the years to provide you with even more options to give your loved ones. Everyone is included this year!

BONUS: We made it easier for gift-buying this season. We’ve extended any potential holiday returns to allow orders of BRAND NEW items delivered from Oct 12th, 2023 to be returnable through January 15th, 2024. Read the full holiday return policy here.

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