Upgraded Winter Essentials from ORORO Heated Apparel

Figuring out what to wear in the winter can be like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, but with heated options from ORORO, it doesn’t have to be. We’ve expanded our horizons beyond just helping you challenge the climate, we’re helping you conquer it. 

Our new product line-up for 2023 is our most robust and warmest yet. From new vests to increased heating zones, we’ve updated and upgraded our offerings to cover as many needs as possible. Your winter outfit will no longer feel like a task to put together, but a statement look to show off while staying cozy.

Every Day Winter Essentials

As long as we’ve been keeping folks and their families warm, we know we could always create more opportunities for heat. Our 2023 new arrivals include longer fits, more color, and more cozy options for every day needs.

"Tribeca" Women's Heated Long Puffer Vest

Meet the  stylish new option to our heated vest line-up. The Long Puffer Vest is longer than our regular fits with a drop tail hem, coming to about mid-thigh length. This gives about 25% more coverage of your body than the other heated vests. It’s a sleek, chic and warm choice for moms on the go, commuters and frequent travelers.

With four heating zones strategically placed in the collar, front pockets and middle of the back, this vest is built for 10 hours of warmth. 

Women's Heated Long Puffer Vest

"Duluth" Unisex Heated Chopper Mittens

For the person who prefers to shine in the winter, these sunshine yellow goatskin heated mittens are the perfect match. Made of the softest goatskin leather, these gloves are our stylish piece of warmth yet!

Enjoy soft warmth while you’re out working on the roads in the early morning cold or taking the dog for a walk or shoveling snow.

Unisex Heated Chopper Mittens

Unisex Heated Puffer Down Scarf

Our heated scarf collection was such a hit last year, we decided to expand it with a new puffer, water-resistant style. Made of the same durability of some of our heated vests, this puffer scarf is filled with 650 RDS down fill and will protect your neck from the wind and rain. 

Enjoy those freezing, windy football games a little easier with this scarf.

Outdoor Winter Activities Essentials

Providing you little pockets of warmth and comfort no matter where you are is what we’re all about. And FINALLY, we’ve brought our loyal customers what they’ve been asking for: a heated blanket! Whether it’s keeping your butt warm at a game, your hands warm outside on the porch, or protecting your neck from wind and rain, we’ve got you covered from top to bottom.

Women's 4-Zone Waterproof Heated Ski Jacket  

ORORO’s first-ever Heated Jacket specifically made for skiing, snowboarding, and other intense winter sports. This PrimaLoft® Insulation-certified jacket has the best waterproof capabilities of our entire collection. Keep cold air and snow out, while you shred some fresh powder. Air yourself out a little if you get sweaty with our zippered armpit area.

In a beautiful and bright blue color, you’ll be the highlight of the slopes. With an adjustable hood, you can pull out as needed or zip it away in the collar. Pair this with our heated pants for extra heat on the mountains. Enjoy the magic of this snowy season with the reassurance of heated gear.

 Women's 4-Zone Waterproof Heated Ski Jacket

8-Zone Heated Dual Control Poncho Blanket w/ Hood - Black

Customers have had an ORORO heated blanket on their wish lists for so long and we are ready to deliver this year. The 8-Zone Heated Dual control Blanket doubles as a poncho with a detachable hood. 

This heated blanket-poncho is perfect for camping, tailgating and hiking, with eight heating zones constructed to provide maximum heat. Wrap it around you while you sit by the fire or wear it like a poncho when you get caught in the rain.

8-Zone Heated Dual Control Poncho Blanket w/ Hood

Heated Stadium Seat

Never freeze at an outdoor game again with our heated stadium seat, built to keep your bottom and back cozy. Memory foam cushioning provides soft accommodations, adjustable straps give you the power to personalize your recline, and a built-in pocket and bottle holder you can store your things and charge your phone.

Don’t stress if the game goes into overtime, because this heated seat has up to 8.5 hours of runtime with our Mini 5k battery(link). 

Heated Stadium Seat

"Queen City" Unisex Heated Hand Warmer

Your hands could use a warm break with our heated Hand Warmer. A lightweight, water-resistant pocket of comfort, this hand warmer is an update from our Bay City  version. Moms, grandmas, and other people who tend to get colder easily will enjoy the extended heating time of up to 17 hours. 

Supporting your partner or son at their outdoor activities has finally gotten more manageable with this heated hand warmer.

Unisex Heated Hand Warmer

Now Available In More Colors and Prints

Show off your personality as the weather gets more gray and bland outside. Check out brand new options with a little pop of color to a nice neutral to layer with your outfit.

Men's Heated Fleece Vest - 2023 New Colors / Women's Heated Fleece Vest - 2023 New Colors

The buttery soft and comfy heated fleece vest gets updated with new earth tones: army green, brown, and flecking gray and pops of bold colors: navy blue and dark red. 

Enjoy a night out on the town in this comfy, relaxed fit over a flannel shirt, jeans, and boots. Three heating zones in the left and right sides of the chest and upper back will keep you cozy, so your mom doesn’t stress about you catching a cold. Turn heads at brunch, at the tailgate, while hiking, with these stunning color upgrades. With a slim fit at hip-length, this is a stylish and easy way to make your outfit pop.

Men's Heated Fleece Vest

Men's Heated Quilted Vest - New Colors

Our Heated Quilted Vest collection is expanding into the cooler colors with olive green and navy blue. Our water-resistant, yet soft quilted vest is a stylish piece to add to a wardrobe in need of warming up.

As the weather gets chillier, your options grow with ORORO’s heated clothing offerings. Choose the right piece to brave the freezing cold. The perfect heated piece can keep you so warm, you won’t even think about the cold. Your perfect heated apparel match is waiting for you, so don’t miss out. Check out the rest of New Arrivals here and don’t miss out on our upcoming holiday specials. 

Men's Heated Quilted Vest

Heated Hunting Collection (New Print, New Pants)

Our Heated Hunting collection gets a new print in the Mossy Oak Bottomland pattern with this warm heated hunting vest. This is a print rooted in the tradition of exploring the earth and being one with your environment. Along with helping a hunter blend in with their surroundings, it’s wind and water-resistant with 4 heating zones in the chest, collar and back. 

Our Heated Pants get a print addition with a Mossy Oak DNA pattern. All-over warmth while on the hunt is completely achievable with these pants. Built to handle all sorts of movement in bad weather, these are great pants to squat, bend and move fast in. 

Women who hunt will be delighted at the Women’s Heated Hunting Jacket that is now available. With the power button’s light hidden, never worry about scaring off prey or attracting the wrong attention while out in the cold woods.

Make winter easier to manage with our incredible winter essentials. Enhance your ski trip, your travel plans, your commute, your tailgate experience with the warm magic of ORORO heated apparel. 

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