Celebrating 6 Years of Giving Warmth to the People

6th year anniversary

Cheers to 6 years of ORORO heated apparel on October 28, 2021!

What started as a small, local retailer in Kansas City has now blossomed into a growing business with multiple product lines, innovative new ways to heat our customers, increased charity efforts, and exciting partnerships! We’re patting ourselves on the back for an incredibly fruitful and educational six years. Cheers to ORORO and cheers to all of our loyal customers!

Throwback to the Early Days

Way back in 2015, we got hit with some of the coldest weather we’d ever experienced in the winter. We’re talking below zeros, ice all over the roads, multiple school closings, the works. The Midwest, in general, got slammed with bad weather. This led to us developing our very first piece of heated clothing. We thought, “why can’t people have a bit of warmth wherever they go when it's freezing outside?”

This little idea has now grown into a full-fledged line of heated apparel that gives you options in how you warm up your body.

Back to the Present

With the global pandemic shifting the way we operate and our new sports partnerships, ORORO has experienced an explosion of growth, including new products outside of our usual heated clothing lineup.

teal green heated vest packers

The Packers, the Chiefs & Our Commitment to Giving Back

In the last two years, we’ve become the official heated apparel partner  of two NFL teams: the Kansas City Chiefs and the Green Bay Packers. To continue to make ourselves available to the people who need us the most, these partnerships are crucial to ORORO’s growth.

Kansas City reserves a special place in the ORORO team’s heart as that is where we started our business back in 2015.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with two world class teams and the fans plenty of amazing, cozy heated options for the coming season,” said Mark Hu, co-founder of ORORO Heated Apparel. “We started in the Midwest and we know how cold those game days can get, so we’re excited to help heat up Chiefs and Packers fans!”

Outside of these partnerships, ORORO has become more community-focused as we’ve donated hundreds of vests and jackets to Salvation Army, sent heated apparel to frontline medical workers and partnered with CORE to help with COVID testing, vaccinations, and other medical needs for people. ORORO’s incredible journey wouldn’t be possible without our loyal customers, so giving back is the least we can do.

ORORO Squad is the Backbone

Last year, we launched our Toasty Club rewards & ambassador program to give even more rewards and benefits to loyal customers who come to us for their heated gear needs. The ORORO squad is filled with adventurers, moms, golfers, skaters, Olympians and so much more. Their love for our heated apparel helps us bring our message to an even wider audience. 

heated vest in the woods

"In Massachusetts, weather changes easily and we can have cold mornings even in Spring/Summer, I always have my Heated Vest with me! Since I got it, I can finally relax and enjoy a soccer game without shaking! Best part is the heated part around the neck, it like having a massage while watching a soccer game!" Our ambassador, Claudia, shared with us.

Every customer has the potential to be an ORORO ambassador, whether they apply to our official ambassador program or not. Your word-of-mouth excitement and sharing with your family and friends helps to keep us going!

What’s Next?

Listening to customer feedback, paying attention to environmental changes, and observing how people interact with the climate has made the ORORO team adapt and develop new product categories within the heated apparel industry.

ORORO’s not just in the business of selling you large heated apparel items, we want to keep even more parts of your body warm. This year, we are expanding  our heated accessories outside of gloves and socks to include a brand-new Heated Scarf, a Heated Cushion and the Heated Hand Warmer, in two colors. 

Hunters and fishers are getting special attention from ORORO this year as well with our Heated Hunting Vests, Hunting Jackets and Heated Hand Warmer with Mossy Oak® camouflage pattern

Love to tailgate and watch some football? ORORO has expanded its product line to make you warm this season too! Our popular Heated Parka got an update plus a new green color.

motorcycle biker heated hoodie

With your support, we’ve been able to grow beyond the simple heated jacket that keeps you warm in the winter to an expansive line of heated products. Empowering people to challenge the climate every day is and always will be the ORORO mission. Thank you for helping us reach this milestone!

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