How ORORO Heated Apparel Saved My Winter

As if winter was a doozy of a season already, add a pandemic on top and you’ve got a real challenge. And that’s not even taking into account the winter storms that hit Texas this past season. Fortunately, winter (especially this past one) is made a little more bearable—dare we say enjoyable—with heated apparel

Don’t believe us? Take it from these happily heated folks.

A warm ray of hope for essential and outdoor workers

Those who work outdoors or have essential jobs didn’t get the luxury of transferring to remote work in a nice, warm home. Luckily, they had their ORORO gear to help keep them warm while they continued working hard. 

heated apparel for winter

“Wow...This is a nice jacket! I bought this for use at work in a prison. In the winter, I do a lot of outdoor facility repairs and need to stay warm. I'm impressed with the quality. It warms up quickly at first and then sets itself to medium heat. My coworkers are jealous and razz me a bit, but guess who's not freezing outside this year. I was a little skeptical about getting one of these, but I'm SO glad I did. This would be great for anyone who is out in the cold all day.” (Men’s Heated Jacket)

And even for those who work outdoors where it’s easy to be socially distanced: 

gray heated vest for women

“Love! Love love! Like literally, I love this thing! I work on a golf course outside in the desert where 99% of the time it’s 99°. However, as soon as the temperatures drop, the winds pick up, coupled with the wind factor from driving an uncovered vehicle all day and the fact that I’m made of paper and get so cold so easily makes winter tricky for me!” (Women’s Classic Heated Vest - Gray)

A tool to help people happily continue their hobbies

This past year, hobbies were more important than ever. Without places to go and public things to do, boredom soon became a problem. However, thanks to ORORO, folks were able to keep up with their winter hobbies (and keep their sanity).

horse riding in heated gear

“I wore this vest in 20 degree weather for 3 hours and it was great! I would not have been able to stay out half as long without this vest. Very comfortable I forgot I had it on except for feeling warm. I am so impressed I ordered one for a friend for a Christmas present. Now I can do what I need outside in the winter and horseback ride much more comfortably. Thank you.” (Women’s Classic Heated Vest)

riding a bike in heated clothes

“Sometimes I even sweat when I’m riding my bike in winter. That is crazy. Battery life is amazing too. High setting will probably last you 4-5 hours but I only use that on my motorcycle or when it’s really cold. Medium setting usually gets me by. Low setting is good in fall temperatures. I know many other bikers that have this and use this in winter.” (Men’s Heated Fleece Jacket)

A helpful hand in sticky situations

Just because there’s an active pandemic and winter storms rolling through doesn’t mean life’s little challenges take a break. For these folks, ORORO became a reliable friend.

heated hoodie for traffic accidents

“This thing paid for itself when my car broke down in Winter and I was stuck outside for an hour waiting for a tow. It's great for everyday use, too, though. I work in an open warehouse and was going through $50 in pocket warmers each Winter and this works better than those so, again, it pays for itself.” (Heated Hoodie)

heated clothes for dads

“I bought this for my dad as a gift. It was the best decision I could have made. It helped my elderly dad stay warm when we lost power in Texas with the winter storm. My parents would charge the battery during the day, and kept them warm at night.” (Men’s Classic Heated Vest)

An everyday addition that makes a huge difference

Even if they don’t work outdoors or haven’t found themselves stuck in a sticky situation, many found themselves appreciating the warmth ORORO brought to their everyday lives.

heated apparel for every day life

“With the extreme cold weather in our area this winter, I have worn the vest under my jacket and it has made all the difference! Getting into an ice cold car while feeling toasty warm under my coat has made the drive to work or the store very comfortable. I have even worn it on low when it feels cold at my office. I am the envy of my co-workers who are all looking at buying one too.” (Men’s Heated Vest)

heated vest for dog walking

“Best purchase I've made in winter clothing for outdoor activities. I wear it for skiing, walking dog, shoveling snow, and even inside to take the chill off. I love this vest. Comfortable and added warmth even when heat is not on.” (Women’s Classic Heated Vest)

Whether it’s for work, daily activities, or getting the most from your hobbies, ORORO is here to keep you warm and help you make the most of winter. Share your ORORO stories with us by leaving a review or commenting on social media!

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