6 Reasons why ORORO Batteries are Better

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We love challenges

At ORORO we believe that you deserve the best. We’re constantly seeking for ways to improve and to give you that extra warmth that you’ve been dreaming of. We love challenges and going one step further. Not only do we seek materials that give you comfort and warmth in the most efficient ways, but we also care about your safety. And of course, durability!

Why batteries are so important

If you’ve decided to own a heated jacket, we’re guessing that you want one that won’t let you down in the middle of a snowy mountain. And at the same time, you’d want some peace of mind knowing that it’s not going to go crazy and overheat. Sure, you want to get warm, but not go on fire! That’s where batteries come into play and why they’re so important.


Why are ORORO batteries better?

Without a great battery, your heated apparel won’t operate at its full potential. That’s why you need to understand the differences between great batteries and not so great ones.

Here are 6 reasons why ORORO batteries are better:

1. They’re certified (UL Certified vs Compatible

Getting a UL certification is not an easy process. It’s actually a long one, but well worth it. UL certifications are given to products that are safe for you and the environment.  Both ORORO batteries and chargers are UL certified, which can give you peace of mind.

Don’t let them trick you!

Some will mention “UL”, but this does not mean they’re UL certified. In some cases:

  • Their charger is UL certified, but their battery isn’t.
  • They may mention that the battery and/or charger are UL compatible. Compatible does not mean certified. There's a big gap between both. 

Besides UL, our batteries also count with additional certifications such as CE.

2. They provide instant and stable heat (7.2v technology vs. 5v technology)

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Don’t worry, you don’t need to figure out long physics formulas to understand the difference. All you need to know is that 7.2v is better than 5v in providing instant and stable heating.

  • Instant: With this technology, your heated gear will warm up super quickly. Something like, instantly! You definitely don’t want to wait for ages to get your extra-warmth. Or, do you?
  • Stable: Even if you like climbing mountains, you don’t want your heated jackets heat going up and down. In this case, stability is better. You want to focus on enjoying your favorite activities and not on taking care of your apparel's instability.

3. No overheating (Lithium-ion vs other)

  • Adapt to temperatures: Lithium-ion batteries adapt greatly to both hot and cold temperatures. This allows them to live healthier and longer.
  • Overheat prevention: You can have peace of mind knowing that ORORO batteries come with overheat protection. If any sign of overheating is detected, it automatically shuts off. This way your battery stays safe from overcharging and over-discharging.

4. Their shape is friendly and safe (Round vs pointy edges. Small vs huge.)

ORORO Battery Size

Are you the kind of person whose phone falls down, time after time? Ever had a phone screen totally destroyed? Maybe not, but you may know one of us. For some reason, some of us just keep dropping things. As in life, some things just happen unexpectedly.  That’s why our batteries were made with this in mind. 

Their shape:

  • Helps prevent falls: Same as your phone, if your heated apparel batteries don’t count with easy-grip materials and shape, well, they’ll probably end up on the floor. ORORO rechargeable batteries are made of non-slippery materials and their shape also helps with the gripping. They’re also small and fit perfectly in your pocket and your hand! Not always huge means better. ;)
  • Gives extra-protection: And if they fall, the rounded corners will actually protect the outer shell and battery from getting damaged. Now, please don’t get us wrong. This doesn’t mean that you can begin throwing your battery hard on the floor with all your force. Just sayin’. No need to go crazy.
  • Prevents hurting others: Pointy corners can hurt others. Rounded corners keep your squad safe.

       5. Can be charged quickly (USB Type C charger vs other types)

      USB Type C Power Bank

      ORORO stays up to date with the latest technology. We use USB type C. What does this mean? You don’t want to wait forever for your battery to charge. USB type C allows quicker charging than other types! What else could you ask for?

      6. Portable Power Bank (Reality vs capacity)

      ORORO batteries are compatible with most devices, so you can also use them to charge your phone or tablet. Or even your video camera! Now, there's something you need to understand. We tell you what we promise to deliver. Others may not. 

      Let's take a look at a 10,000 mAh USB battery backup for your phone. The fact that it says "10,000 mAh" is not wrong; in fact, that’s the correct storage capacity of the battery cells being used. However, if you expect your 1,500 mAh capacity phone to charge 6 times (6x1,500 = 9,000 mAh) you are wrong!  Some will mention the cell's capacity rated at 3.7V but not its ability to charge at USB 5V voltage. 

      So, if you actually take the charging speed of a phone (in this case it's 5V for the standard USB charge), you would actually have a real-world capacity of around 5,200 mAh due to the USB voltage and conversion from 3.7V to 5V which generates heat and lowers your capacity.

      Here's what you're getting with ORORO: 

      ORORO 5,200 mAh batteries deliver performance equal to market-leading 10,000 mAh @3.7V with higher efficiency and power output up to 7.2V. You can charge your iPhone 11 up to 2X, and get the same performance and capacity in a smaller easier to carry form factor.

      "This battery has a lot of juice in a small package. Keeps my vest warm for hours. Also love the USB port, allows me to keep my video camera charged up for hours of use. Rounded corners make it more comfortable than last year's model. Well done." Linda F. 


      And lastly... 

      They're always getting better and better.

      Women's heated vest

      Some don’t care about staying the same. We’re always striving to do better and improve, and so do our batteries!

      So, now that you know all of this, don't think twice! But if you still have more questions about our batteries, simply reach out to our support team at support@ororowear.com.

      Time to recharge!

      Need your heated hoodie turned on for more hours? You can always take an additional battery along with you. Don't have one? Find it here!

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