Heated Apparel Guide for People Working Outside
men classic heated jacket

The temperatures may be dropping but the work isn’t stopping. For those who work outdoors, whether it’s for a rare occasion for a few minutes to those who work hours on-end in the elements, you deserve to be warm and comfortable.

ORORO’s heated clothing prides itself on giving you heat on demand for staying warm all day. We’ve rounded up the best heated apparel options based on what the job is.

Volunteering outside

‘Tis the season of giving. If you’ve decided to give some of your time to a volunteer organization this holiday season, ORORO wants to keep you warm while you do it.

heated scarf

Whether you’re running a 5K for a good cause, helping in a turkey drive or community clean up ORORO’s Unisex Heated Scarf is a must-have accessory for staying warm. The breathable lining is sure to keep you warm while staying comfortable and it’s wind and water-resistant to protect you from any cold fronts or drizzles. The large heating area keeps the entire back of your neck nice and warm.

Thanks to the lightweight battery, it heats up in just about three seconds to give you long lasting heat throughout your volunteer shift. The battery stays tucked in the convenient pocket so you’ll have no bulk to hold you back.

Construction workers, linemen, servicemen, sanitation engineers and truck drivers

heated seat cushion

For those that work in construction, on powerlines, or drive trucks, a lot of time is spent in a vehicle or machinery. Stay warm on the way to your destination or while you work with the Heated Seat Cushion. The heating pad has six heated zones for total warmth and the memory foam molds to your body offering a customized level of comfort.

The heated cushion is also slip-resistant thanks to the non-slip dots at the bottom of the seat. This ensures that your cushion stays in place and you just have to focus on driving. It’s easy to pack, just fold it up when you’re done and securely store the battery in the pocket with velcro closure. Bonus: It’s easy to clean in case of any spills.

calgary heated gloves

Whether you’re driving or getting work done outside, keeping your hands warm is a must and our Calgary Heated Gloves do the trick. These durable, traditional gloves are equipped with composite coating heating elements that wrap around the entire hand to maximize the heating area. 

heated liner gloves

If you have mandated gloves for work or have a pair that you really love, the "Glasgow" Heated Liner Gloves are a good choice. Wear them under your pair of gloves for extra cushion and comfort while enjoying up to nine hours of battery-heated warmth.

Work comfortably without stopping to warm your hands since there are three heating levels to choose from and 3M Thinsulate Insulation traps the generated heat while allowing moisture to escape (so no need to worry about sweaty hands).

Customize the fit with the adjustable wrist and use the flexible velcro to keep it secure. The water-repellent and snowproof outer shell prevents moisture from thwarting your warmth.

adjustable heated vest

If you’re looking to keep your upper body warm but can’t block your company’s logo or have a designated uniform then the Adjustable Heated Vest is the best option for you. Just put the discreet vest underneath your jacket or over a light shirt for a seamless look. The fit can be adjusted for your body type and the large heating area across the back is sure to keep you warm all day long.

The power button is conveniently placed at the bottom of the vest so that you can adjust the heating without taking off or zippering off the outer jacket and the velcro on the back of the power button allows you to hide the button to keep a low profile and clean look while layering with an outer jacket.

women quilted heated vest

If you’re looking to layer something over your work attire, the Quilted Heated Vest (also available in women’s) is the way to go. It’s the perfect addition to any layered look. It’s thinner and lighter than similar vests, made out of a breathable moisture wicking material. The premium insulation is sure to keep you warm and you can take advantage of the heated pockets on break.

heated pullover hoodie

The Unisex Heated Hoodie is also an option here. Perfect for layering in times of extreme cold, the carbon heating elements will keep you warm while on the job and you’ll definitely appreciate the rib knit cuffs that keep you warm and trap in essential heat (every bit counts). The fleece liner also adds extra warmth while still being breathable so you won’t have to worry about overheating.

Commuters, photographers, journalists

For those commuting to work, photographers or if you’re a journalist who frequently has outdoor assignments like live-shots, you want to stay warm while keeping a polished professional look. The Women’s Thermolite® Heated Parka is a great choice for cozy outerwear that still maintains a sleek look.

The newly-upgraded material on this insulated parka provides extra coverage and includes a detachable hood with removable faux fur. It’s breathable, fashionable, and has a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to stay protected from snow. The convenient hidden drawstring can be used to cinch the waist for a flattering fit.

Choose from three heat settings and the four carbon fiber heating elements generate heat across core body areas (left and right chest, collar, upper back) giving you heat on demand for hours.

heated parka

For the guys, the Men’s Heated Down Jacket gets the job done. It has five pockets giving you optimal storage options for equipment, keys, etc. and also includes a detachable hood. The RDS-certified down jacket has four heating locations to ensure ultimate warmth.

classic heated vest

For a lighter approach, opt for the Women's Classic Heated Vest (Need help picking a fit? Check out our Women’s Heated Vest Buying Guide - Part 2: Classic vs. Down.) or the Men’s Classic Heated Vest. Both are available in new colors giving your fashionable options.

Both vests are also lightweight and Insulated with FELLEX®, a bluesign certified eco-friendly sustainable material for even better insulation providing you with perfect long-lasting warmth.

Farmers and ranchers

Some of the products mentioned earlier  can definitely be of use here — specifically the Quilted Heated Vest, Calgary Heated Gloves — but we know this career field needs its own specialty items.

men heated fleece vest

When you’re spending the entire day outdoors tending to livestock, animals, crops, and more layering is important in the colder months. The Men’s Heated Fleece Vest adds a lightweight and soft layer while providing hours of heat.

The fleece lining keeps heat in while the foldable neckline and stand collar provides extra warmth against cold, windy weather. Enjoy up to 10 working hours (3 hours on high, 6 hours on medium and 10 hours on low) so you won’t have to worry about recharging (but keep some spare batteries on hand to be prepared.

heated hunting jacket

The Men’s Heated Hunting Jacket was designed with hunters in mind but is a great choice for those spending all day in the elements. The Mossy Oak camo design is a great look for being outdoors and it’s water and wind resistant, guaranteed to keep you warm even on the coldest of days.

This durable, rugged jacket has four heating zones to keep your full upper body warm and the heated collar is a nice touch.

Do you wear ORORO while you work? Show us how you stay warm, share and tag @ororo.wear on Instagram for a chance to be featured by us.

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